Member FAQ

What are your business hours? Can I go anytime?

Our operating hours are from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year unless there is rental of the property. Members MUST check our calendar before each of their visits to ensure that the property isn't rented.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs on leash are allowed at Harvest Preserve during operating hours. Please check the calendar to see when we are holding OFF LEASH hours for dogs. Off leash dogs are not permitted during on leash hours. Please click to download our policy and waiver forms. All dogs must: - be at least 16 weeks old to be off-leash
- be fully vaccinated for rabies
- be in control of someone at least 16 years old
- be in the handler's visual contact and voice control
Dog Handlers: - must clean up after their dog
- must take all waste bags with them when they leave
- must carry a leash for each dog
- discourage excessive barking/dominating behavior
Not allowed: - vicious, dangerous or aggressive dogs
- dogs with communicable diseases
- dogs in heat

How do I get a visitors code for my guest?

Please email to obtain a visitor's code for your guests. Members MUST accompany their guests during their visit.

Can I rent Harvest Preserve?

Yes! Please email to discuss your rental. Our rental rates are determined by length of rental and number of guests. Members of Harvest Preserve will receive a discount for renting.

Can I have my family photos taken at Harvest Preserve?

Yes! Your photographer can be one of your invited guests. Please email if your photographer needs a visitor's code.

Can I swim or boat at Harvest Preserve?

No. We do not have the liability coverage to allow for water activities at Harvest Preserve. Special groups who frequent Harvest Preserve (i.e. camps) who have additional insurance are allowed to swim and boat. Please contact if you have any questions.

Are children allowed at Harvest Preserve?

Yes! However, children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. We cannot be held responsible for the safety of your children.

How can I read your newsletter?

Click here to read our latest newsletter.

Where can I find your dog policy and waiver forms?

Please click here to download our dog waiver and here to download our policy. Members are asked to return them via mail or by scanning and emailing them.