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 Harvest Preserve is situated in the northeast corner of Iowa City and includes 100 acres of lovely, rolling Iowa landscape.  Harvest Preserve Foundation is a  non-profit organization dedicated to restoring and maintaining native Iowa prairie and woodlands, preserving healthy aquaculture and cultivating public awareness, appreciation and participation.


To increase public knowledge and allow greater participation in this project, Harvest Preserve has implemented programs that will appeal to a variety of different segments of the community. These programs include service and education projects, as well as opportunities for volunteering.


Harvest Preserve seeks to increase public awareness and involvement through specially arranged events, appreciation outings, and musical performances.  Starting in 2022, we rent only to current members of Harvest Preserve.  Please email to learn more about hosting a rental.


Visitors will find a number of sculptures around the property. In harmony with the contemplative nature of the land, Harvest Preserve  invites you to enjoy, study, and meditate on each work. 

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