Whether you are a volunteer member, a paying member or just someone looking to help out a non-profit, anyone is welcome to volunteer at Harvest Preserve!

We have several categories of volunteer activities:

1. Patio, pond, prairie and butterfly garden:

• Weeding around the concrete patio and rocks, all around the pond house and throughout the more manicured area of the butterfly garden.

• Watering and planting in areas, as needed.

• Weed whack around pond.

• Assist with pond health maintenance (periodic application of algae killer).

• Removal of invasive species in prairie and wild flower area of butterfly garden.

2. Cleaning and organizing:

• Monthly cleaning of pond house (sweep, mop, dust, bathrooms, kitchen area).

• Quarterly organizing of pantry in pond house.

• Check supplies and stock bathrooms, if necessary.

• Monthly cleaning of butterfly house (in warm months only) – sweep and mop.

3. Woods and Weeds and Wasps:

• Help with invasive species removal at appropriate times of the year.

• Clip overhanging branches along paths.

• Weed whack Whitman’s Glade.

• Spray weed killer on the International Gathering of Stones on a monthly basis in growing season.

• Pull weeds at the International Gathering of Stones.

• Spring and mid-summer spraying of wasps nests at the pond house. Alternate method needed for butterfly house (knocking off and running? Insecticides cannot be used near the butterfly area).

4. Events and Tours, etc.:

• Supervise large events/rentals at the Preserve.

• Be available to open and/or close main gate for events/rentals.

• Assist in directing traffic at large events/rentals.

• Lead a tour of Harvest Preserve, highlighting the history, artwork and nature (training provided).

• Assist with content or layout for quarterly newsletters.

5. Special Projects:

This list is forever changing, but the current projects are:

• Installing electric heat in the pond house

• Sand and re-stain floors in the pond house.

• Improve path to International Gathering of Stones.

• Help finish outhouse.

• Build shelves in butterfly house.

• Help with screen improvement.

Please email julie@harvestpreserve.org for more information!